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Business and the online marketplace for anyone intending to sell goods or services via B2B marketing and direct sales to the different consumers should know. Marketing is based on a number of general principles.

There are a variety of issues that may damage your marketing efforts and should be taken into account. The good news is that in some respects, for companies selling goods and services it is easier than selling to consumers and the profits are very often at the start greater.

B2B Marketing in a digital world

Digital is know an integral part of our everyday lives, there are 1.7 billion people online globally and in the UK its 80% of the population.

As consumers, we spend 30% of our leisure time on the internet and we can know communicate with friends, colleagues, and communities around the world in real time and the world’s information is simply a click away.

However, this is not just a consumer phenomena, the very same pattern holds true for business, in fact, recent research shows that business purchasers have spent 73% of their work related consumption time online, almost 3/4 of executives use the internet every day at work.

83% of b2b buyers research online with 70% starting their online research on searching a search engine for a generic term such as electrician in London for example.

We know that the buying process for businesses is more complex than it is for consumers, there are multiple influences involved in the multiple business purchase decisions and these individuals are often using a wide variety of information sources.

The b2b marketer’s previous approach was quite straightforward, we centered our go to marketers around 3 key questions:

  1. Who are we targeting?
  2. What are we offering?
  3. How do we communicate this is the most effective way?

Digital has massively increased the complexity of the marketing challenge making these questions harder to answer, understanding where your customers are and targeting the right message to the right person at the right point of the buying cycle is critical for success.

Digital marketers have to change their approach and integrate digital values into the core of their marketing plans, we see 3 shifts taking place with form the new digital imperatives in marketing.

Firstly there’s a shift from research to real-time insight, today’s technology gives you immediate access to data on user behavior enabling your to keep up and react and change much more quickly.

Traditionally to find answers to questions such as:

How much interest is there in my product? you would look to put together some customer research. Now you can find online tools that offer additional real-time insights to answer these questions.

For now, I am going to end it there, for more information on the subject, check back at a later date or watch the video provided.

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