How to start a business

Example of how to start a business

Start of a small business, Solar Installation Company

Starting a solar installation company is extremely profitable and the market is growing rapidly. There just aren’t enough solar companies out there and the demand continues to grow.

In the solar business, many companies just market the old fashioned way with a Yellow Pages ad and maybe a newspaper ad or radio spot. This is working right now, but pretty soon, alot more competition is going to enter these local markets. If you want to compete and continue growing your company, you need to concentrate first and foremost on marketing. Most solar companies aren’t marketing effectively leaving an opening for your company to advertise and make it work.

Solar is seen as a cutting edge technology, so in order to make your business stand out, you need to have a cutting edge website. We’re not talking about a website that costs thousands of dollars, but you need to make it look professional. This can be done for a couple of hundred dollars and gives you a big edge over your competition. You will need to have information about successes your company has had in the past and the best thing to do is to get testimonials from previous customers. This will give your company instant credibility. If possible, video testimonials will be the best way to go. All you need is a cheap web cam and ask the client to talk about your company.

Potential customers have plenty of questions about solar including installation procedures, rebate issues and energy savings. A great idea for marketing your solar business is to answer these questions with a short pamphlet that is visible on your website. This pamphlet can answer all these questions and more and we suggest that you gather a name and email address to allow them access to this pamphlet. This way, you can continue to email these potential customers about happenings in the industry and over time, convert them into paying customers.

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